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Full Listing: Position Title: Religious Denomination: City/Town: State: Salary Info
by employer)
full listing Organist UCC Woodstock VT negotiable
full listing Music Director/Organist Episcopal Ayer MA $15K – $18K per year
full listing Minister of Music (part-time position) Episcopal Holden MA
full listing Organist/Accompanist UCC/UU Pepperell MA $475/Month
full listing Choir Director Greek Orthodox Worcester MA Negotiable
full listing Director of Music UCC Pittsfield MA
full listing Church Musician Episcopal Worcester MA negotiable
full listing Organist/Choir Director First Congregational Brimfield MA $9,000
full listing Choir Director Greek Orthodox Worcester MA Negotiable
full listing Choir Director St. John’s Lutheran Sudbury MA Negotiable
full listing Organist St. John’s Lutheran Sudbury MA Negotiable

FREE: For religious and music-related institutions, this provides an outlet for advertising for your opening. Your organization’s opening(s) will be displayed here on our chapter website where church musicians in Massachusetts and around the country can view the listings. In addition, for a small fee, the booklet Musicians in Religious Institutions is available to help guide the hiring committee through the recommended process and resources for attaining and retaining quality staff musicians. For organists and directors, this service is free to guild members for viewing current listings. From time to time, the Guild updates its recommended compensation chart which details salary, benefits, and service fees for various degree and experience levels of musicians. Guild members can also check job listings on the National Council’s website. You must be a member to access these listings.) Click  here to view a summary of Region I openings from the National AGO database.

For job seekers, please see the following resources/links – unfortunately there’s little collaboration between chapters, so if you’re looking to move to an area, you would likely need to either pre-join a chapter or ask for special permission for access to the chapter data that local members have access to.

Regarding Salary Guidelines and Fees, the AGO is no longer permitted to post or otherwise compile compensation and contract information. We encourage an employee to do Google Searches for denominational and other salary table information, or  turn to a number of other comparative resources, such as (1) what you currently earn, (2) what you understand other similarly qualified individuals earn, whether they are organists in your community or other professionals such as musicians in symphony orchestras, or university professors, (3) published information from unions of similarly qualified professionals such as the American Federation of Musicians, (4) data published regularly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and (5) guidelines published by denominational music organizations. It may be particularly useful to document what your time commitments will be to plan, prepare, practice, and perform service music, and to carry out all other duties expected of you for the position. You can also detail your academic study, years of training, and relevant experience to prepare for salary discussions with your employer. What the AGO cannot do, however, is provide you with salary data or sample contracts.

Worcester & Central Massachusetts:

Leonardo Ciampa, Jobs Postings Editor          E-Mail: jobs@WorcesterAGO.org

Recommended steps/resources for churches seeking musicians:

  • Contact your local area chapter(s) to get your opening listed. Most publish openings online. In cases of a large church position, an ad is placed in the national Guild magazine, The American Organist.
  • Select your hiring advisory committee carefully, with a wide range of perspectives and skills. Many of the members should be musically conversant and able to judge musical performance and conducting.
  • Determine your church music ministry mission, scope, needs, job description, salary ranges, etc.
  • Determine your interviewing process, including thorough auditions and discussion interviews.
  • We recommend that you list your openings not only with Worcester, but also other local chapters: (click on chapter name below to view their listings)
  • Organists/directors are very much interested in the size/number/capabilities of the choirs, details about the instruments (organ/piano/handbells/percussion/etc.), number of weekly and extra services, and working relationships with ministers and staff.

The following table contains links to regional AGO Chapters and their subbing and jobs lists (where available).

AGO Chapter Main Website Subbing List Open Jobs Email
Springfield website subs N/A Dean
Worcester website subs/interim
jobs Jobs
Boston website Members-only Members-only Jobs
Merrimack Valley website subs jobs Jobs
Southeastern MA website subs jobs Dean
Monadnock website no list no list Dean
Rhode Island website subs jobs Dean
New Hampshire website subs jobs Dean
Greater Hartford website subs Private Dean
Vermont website subs jobs Dean
National AGO website subs jobs Dean

Merrimack Valley

Patrick Kabanda, Dean

Norma Reich, Placement Coordinator (AGONorma@aol.com)


Peter Krasinski, Dean

Janet Hunt, Placement Coordinator (E-Mail: janet.hunt@sjs.edu)


Lad Pfiefer, Dean

Becky Isaacson, Placement Coordinator (Phone: 413-567-7659)


Substitutes and Job Postings

Cape Cod

No current information available.

The National AGO site offers substitute listing to address the need for interim organists:







Rhode Island




(LAST UPDATED 08/07/2016)

First Congregational Church, Woodstock, Vermont of Woodstock, VT

Woodstock, VT 05091

First Congregational Church, Woodstock (1781), is seeking a qualified organist to play the 35-rank Austin Organ (1967) for Sunday morning and evening services beginning in the fall. This is the historic church of Marsh, Billings and Rockefeller with a large, thriving congregation from throughout Vermont. The Sunday worship is traditional. The music ministry potential is great for the right person with the proper experience, qualifications and a strong Christian commitment which is in agreement with Reformed Theology. Salary is negotiable based on experience and agreed music ministry responsibilities. The church possesses a three-octave set of Schulmerich hand bells. Applications are now being accepted. Resumes should be sent to David Searles at searlesdt@cfl.rr.com. Telephone: 802-457-2354.

Contact person name: David Searles
or mail to: —
Woodstock, VT —
att: —
Tel: 802-457-2354 Ext:0
Fax: —

Posted: 07/22/15 10:34 PM KFM

Expires: 08/22/16 10:34 PM


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church of Ayer, MA
Music Director/Organist

Ayer, MA 

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Ayer, MA, seeks ¼ time Organist/Choir director to start fall 2016. We are a growing church with a small but strong choir. Worship is mostly traditional, using 1980 Hymnal and all supplements. Services include one choral anthem weekly, hymns, and service music. Quarterly “Intergenerational” services that include children provide an opportunity for inclusion of Gospel/ contemporary style music. Estey Organ – OPUS 1423 – Rebuilt 2002, Andover Organ; Baby Grand piano. Responsibilities include providing music for all Sunday and Holy Day services and directing one Adult Choir (rehearsals 1 ½ hours on a weeknight and 1 hour before the service on Sunday). Energy and flexibility are strongly desired qualities. Enthusiasm for the liturgy and planning worship in collaboration with the clergy especially desired. A fund exists to help provide new music, and pay for soloists and Instrumentalists on special occasions Pay in accordance with AGO standards, between $15K – $18K per year depending on qualifications and experience. Opportunities for additional income through weddings and funerals. One month paid summer vacation, continuing Ed. Very convenient to Fitchburg- Boston commuter line. Thirty minutes from Worcester, one hour from Boston.
Send cover letter and resume.

Contact person name: Lynn Ferrillo, Parish Admininstrator
or mail to: —
Ayer, MA —
att: —
Tel: na Ext:0
Fax: —

Posted: 05/01/16 05:30 PM KFM
Expires: 08/01/16 05:30 PM

St. Francis Episcopal Church of Holden, MA
Minister of Music (part-time position)
70 Highland Street
Holden, MA 01520

General Summary of the Position: The Minister of Music will work under the direction of the Rector to provide and select appropriate organ, piano and choral music for regularly scheduled Sunday services and Holy Days, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter, Confirmation, and shall be responsible for the weekly rehearsing and directing of the choir. The Minister of Music is a part-time position, with the allotted hours of 10-12 hours per week on average. The Minister of Music is a regular staff position and the employment agreement may be dissolved by mutual consent or upon 90 days notice by either party.

Major Responsibilities:

1. Ability to lead and share in worship by
• Playing a variety of traditional and contemporary organ and/or keyboard music
• Rehearsing and directing the adult choir for the Sunday service at 10:00 a.m. Choir rehearsals are currently held on Sunday mornings.
• Meet with and provide administrative help for the Saturday Music Team
• Rehearse with soloists; small groups, and instrumentalists as needed
• Provide music, as needed, for special services (not outlined above), funerals, and weddings. Compensation for these events is additional and according to AGO standards.

2. Planning and Administration
• Meet regularly with the Rector and staff, and others as necessary for the general planning and leadership of the music program
• Coordinate with Church School Director and Handbell Choir Director for special musical offerings
• Coordinate instrument maintenance
• Arrange for supply organists when necessary
• Be responsible for the purchase of all music and music supplies and the hiring of instrumentalists and vocal soloists
• Maintain music budget
• Organize and maintain the music library, ordering of new music, and copyright licenses
* Prepare an annual report

3. Fellowship
• Work with the members of the Music Ministry to care for and pray for each other in times of need and build a sense of community and fellowship among members

4. Development
• Encourage and support members of the Music Ministry and the parish in their spiritual growth
• Recruit new members for the Music Ministry
• Offer musical training opportunities as needed
• Create opportunities for children to participate in the music program
• Encourage congregational participation in the service music
• Participate in opportunities for continuing education which will enrich the music program

• Bachelor of Music or equivalent with organ and piano performance ability and choral conducting skills
• Knowledge of Episcopal liturgy and music
• Enthusiastic, friendly and enjoys working with amateur as well as professional musicians
• Ability to connect and work with people of all ages
• Good organizational skills
• Creative: willingness to try new things while respecting tradition
• Willingness to be part of a team, lay and ordained, to do the work God gives us to do

Contact person name: Rev. Pat Perkins
or mail to: 70 Highland Street
Holden, MA 01520
att: Rev. Patrick Perkins
Tel: 508.829.3344 Ext:0
Fax: —

Posted: 05/24/16 11:47 AM KFM
Expires: 08/24/16 11:47 AM

Community Church of Pepperell of Pepperell, MA
3 Townsend Street
Pepperell, MA 

Our church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association. The Community Church of Pepperell is located at Three Townsend Street in the old center of Pepperell, Massachusetts. Position: Part Time Organist/Accompanist to support one weekly choir
rehearsal and Sunday service, special church services; occasional accompaniment for soloists, guest musicians, and music events.

Hours: Sunday Morning 9:00 to 11:00, Wednesday 7:30PM to 9:00 PM
Estimated Average Hours per Month: 15
Monthly Salary: $475/Month
Vacation: 4 Weeks (Normally Month of July, with substitution any time)
Weddings & Funerals: $150 Extra

The Hook and Hastings pipe organ, which has been recently renovated to preserve its antiquity status in our community, rises majestically in the chancel with 629 pipes still in use today. The Chickering Concert Grande Piano was completely rebuilt, including replacement of the soundboard.

• Candidate must demonstrate knowledge of Christian musical traditions.

• Under the direction of the Choir Director, play the organ and/or piano for regularly scheduled worship services including a prelude/postlude, hymns, choral accompaniments and incidental music as requested. (Sunday 9:00 to 11:00AM)
• Play the organ and/or piano at regularly scheduled choir rehearsals and at special rehearsals, with adequate prior notice by the Choir Director, in support of usual or special worship events. (Normally Wed Evenings at 7:00 PM)
• Play the organ and/or piano for special worship events, including Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday, as mutually agreed upon with the Choir Director and ministerial staff.
• Recommend preludes, postludes, or hymns as requested by the Choir Director or Pastor.
• Play (or oversee the use of) the organ and other church instruments for weddings and funerals held in the church.
• Oversee care and maintenance of the organ and other church instruments within budgetary limits.
• Recommend substitute and guest musicians to the Choir Director as appropriate when arranging vacation.

Contact person name: —
or mail to: 3 Townsend Street
Pepperell, MA —
att: —
Tel: — Ext:0
Fax: —
Website: —

Posted: 06/01/16 04:00 PM KFM
Expires: 09/01/16 04:00 PM


Choir Direcotr

Worcester, MA 

The position is primarily for a choir director. Organ used only to give pitches to choir.
One service Sunday mornings. Time commitment 9:45 – 11:30 a.m.
Occasional weeknight choir rehearsal (perhaps once/month). (This occasional rehearsal can also be scheduled one hour prior to the Sunday morning 9:45 start time.) Service music for Sunday mornings is essentially the same every week, with occasional new hymn.
Extra rehearsals/preparation as needed to prepare for Holy Week. A member of the Orthodox community will be available to provide coaching/guidance for a musician who is not familiar with the Orthodox liturgy. Weddings (approx. 15 per year) are optional; they can be played by the choir director or an outside organist. Position begins September 1st.

Contact person name: Father Dimitri

or mail to: —
Worcester, MA —
att: —
Tel: 508-791-7326 Ext:0<
Fax: —

Posted: 06/21/16 04:00 PM KFM
Expires: 06/21/16 04:00 PM

South Congregational Church of Pittsfield, MA
Director of Music

Pittsfield, MA 

South Congregational Church in downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts, seeks a part-time, year-round Director of Music to plan and lead the church’s music program. The Director of Music collaborates with church staff and lay leaders to foster, support, and coordinate worship and spiritual growth through congregational, choral, and instrumental music. South Church is looking for a thoughtful, self-directed musician and an enthusiastic, imaginative team player who shares the congregation’s commitment to the church family and the wider community.

The Director of Music’s primary responsibilities include providing service music on organ and/or piano at regular Sunday services; rehearsing weekly and directing the adult Chancel Choir (15+ members); choosing hymns and other service music for weekly worship in consultation with the pastor; providing organ/piano, choral, and special music for several additional services during the year; and playing for weddings/funerals. The Director of Music will work with the Christian Education Director to integrate musical experiences into an active and growing Christian Education program and will explore options for using the church’s hand bells, tone chimes, and other instruments.

For the complete job posting and application instructions, please visit < http://southchurchpittsfield.org/position-opening-director-of-music/ >

Contact person name: —

or mail to: —
att: —
Tel: — Ext:0
Fax: —
Website: http://southchurchpittsfield.org/position-opening-director-of-music/

Posted: 08/07/16 05:50 AM KFM
Expires: 11/07/16 05:50 AM

First Congregational Church of Brimfield, MA
Organist/Choir Director
Brimfield, MA —

Brief Summary

The organist / choir director is contracted by the council.

The organist / choir director is responsible for providing the music program for the First Congregational Church of Brimfield.  Specific Duties are listed below.  There may be other specific duties that come up on a one-time basis.

The organist / choir director is responsible for the purchase of all necessary music and music supplies in accordance with the approved church budget and in cooperation with the minister.  He /She is responsible for assuring that the church use of music for services complies with copyright law.

He/ She is to work with the minister to plan worship music.

Specific Duties

Provide music and direct the church choir at Sunday morning worship and special worship services (i.e. Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Sunrise Service, Christmas Eve or other special services).

Provide music for Weddings or Funerals for additional gratuity.

Rehearse weekly with church choir.  Make a plan for special music when the church choir is not in session.

Report to the council the condition and the needs for the maintenance of the church organ, piano, or other instruments.  Perform minor preventative maintenance on the organ as recommended by the service contractor.

Arrange with council a replacement to cover responsibilities during any scheduled or unscheduled absences. Making sure the treasurer has information to forward the appropriate payments.

Plan and implement special music with children periodically.

It is expected that the minister of music will continue education and connection with other church musicians and programs so that they are aware and knowledgeable about trends and issues related to church music.

Organize and maintain all church music.


Pay will be issued monthly.  Salary to be voted at the annual meeting, but should be compared and comparable to area ministers of music.

Currently $9,000 per year (10 hours per week)

Vacation 4 weeks. Sick time 2 weeks, if needed. 1 week educational time if needed.


The music director / choir director is to be present and rehearsing at least 1 hour prior to worship on Sunday. (3 hours on Sunday)

Weekly rehearsals of choirs – children’s, pick-up, or adult choir (2 hours)

Music preparation and planning (5 hours a week)

Plus additional seasonal services as listed above.

Approximately 10 – 15 hours



Rev. Dawn Adams

First Congregational Church of Brimfield

PO Box 203 / 20 Main St.

Brimfield, MA 01010





Posted: 2/27/17 9:47 p.m. LAC

Director of Choirs Position – St. John Lutheran Church, Sudbury, MA
Our musically invested congregation seeks a part-time Director of Choirs to provide creative leadership,
direction and rehearsal of an adult choir and an adult handbell choir. The director of choirs will work with
others in the congregation to develop opportunities for children and young people to enter St. John’s
music ministry. This is a 15-18 hr/wk position involving close collaboration with the organist and the
pastor. Salary is competitive, negotiable based on guidelines and experience. The successful candidate
will also be permitted to use the facility and its instruments for private teaching. While St. John is not
accessible by public transportation, travel arrangements may be negotiable for the successful candidate
who relies on it. For more information please contact Pastor Don Larsen at 978-443-8350 or

Organist Position – St. John Lutheran Church, Sudbury, MA
Our musically invested congregation seeks a part-time Organist/Pianist for 2 Sunday services and feast
day liturgies. St. John’s music ministry is anchored by a 27 rank tracker instrument built by J.W. Walker
and Sons in 1989. The organist also serves as rehearsal accompanist for the adult choir. This is a 12-15
hr/wk position involving close collaboration with the director of choirs and the pastor. Salary is
competitive, negotiable based on guidelines and experience. The successful candidate will also be
permitted to use the facility and its instruments for private teaching. While St. John is not accessible by
public transportation, travel arrangements may be negotiable for the successful candidate who relies on it.
For more information please contact Pastor Don Larsen at 978-443-8350 or pastor@stjohnsudbury.org.